What Happened To Firefly Guitars?

What happened to Firefly Guitars? The company was founded in 1995 and produced some amazing instruments. They had a huge cult following and even won a Grammy Award. But then they went bankrupt in 2001 and shut down their doors forever.

What Happened To Firefly Guitars

Firefly Guitars was started by John Darnell, who wanted to create a guitar that would stand out from the rest. He designed his own unique body shape and created a new neck design. The result was the Firefly Guitar.

Firefly Guitars became very successful, selling over 100,000 units per year. In 1999, they were awarded a Grammy for Best Metal Performance. But after the dot-com bubble burst, the company ran into financial trouble. In 2001, it filed for bankruptcy protection.

In 2002, the rights to the brand were acquired by a group led by former employees. The new owners changed the name to Firefly Guitars Inc. but kept the original look and feel. The new owners tried to keep up with the demand for the guitars, but it wasn’t enough. So they decided to close the factory and lay off all of its workers.

Today, you can still find these beautiful guitars at guitar shows across the country. If you want one, you’ll have to buy them at an auction or online.

Who Makes Firefly Guitars? And Some Useful Background Information

A small company with big ambitions. Their guitars are cheap copies of popular guitars. They sell them on Amazon and Guitar Garden, but there is nothing else known about them.

Firefly makes copies of guitars that were once very famous. Their most popular guitar is a copy of the Gibson ES335. Another guitar they make is a copy of the Fender’s Telecaster Thin line. Another great guitar they make is a replica of the Gibson Les Paul. All three of these guitars are very hard to get.

Each Firefly guitar model follows the designs from the originals they are based on. You couldn’t tell the difference between an FFLP and a real gold top Les Paul from a distance.

Firefly was an American band formed in 1994. Their music style was based on rock and roll. They released two albums before disbanding in 1997. Cheap guitars were made by Firefly, but they didn’t make any guitar that was worth buying. Their products were pretty bad.

They used poor materials and low-quality wood. They did not care about customer satisfaction. They created cheap copies of famous guitars. Firefly guitars are cheap alternatives to expensive guitars. Their prices are very low compared to other brands. They do not have any fancy features or designs.

Most of the models hover around $100 and $150 which makes it very difficult to get. The Firefly guitars sold out quickly because of it. When compared to the quality you get, the price is a huge bargain. 

What Happened With Firefly Guitars?

These cheap guitars are actually made by the company Firefly Guitars. However, they’re not selling very well because people think they’re fake. So, instead of making more of them, they’ve decided to stop production altogether.

Firefly Guitars are popular brands because they’re made by an independent manufacturer. Their limited production run makes them quickly sell out when new models come out. They manufacture high-quality playable instruments in China, but the quantity is maintained as low to maintain the quality.

They have two online stores that sell new products: Guitar Gardens and Amazon (both owned by eBay). You can buy a used firefly at your local music stores on occasion. Other sites where the best-used fireflies guitars are available sometimes include reverb and eBay.

A Santa Cruz Company makes a fantastic and affordable firefly series, but there isn’t any official information about them. 

What Makes Firefly Guitars a Popular Choice?

Firefly guitars have carved a niche for themselves in the guitar community, particularly because of their remarkable affordability paired with decent quality.

These instruments have become go-to choices for beginners and intermediate players due to their ease of playability and stylish designs reminiscent of classic models. The wide range of color options and finishes adds to their aesthetic appeal, making them not just instruments, but personal statements for many players.

Firefly Guitars Versus Big Brands: A Comparative Look

When stacked against industry giants like Gibson, Firefly guitars offer an accessible entry point for those who seek the look and feel of a classic without the hefty price tag.

While they might not match up in terms of custom hardware or legendary tones, Firefly guitars do provide a solid foundation for both learning and playing. It’s important to note that while they may not be collector’s items, they serve as excellent workhorse guitars for daily practice or gigging musicians on a budget.

The Modding Potential of Firefly Guitars

One aspect where Firefly guitars shine is in their potential for modifications. The guitars’ standard builds and easy-to-alter structures make them perfect candidates for mod enthusiasts.

Whether it’s swapping out pickups for a custom sound or changing the tuning machines for better stability, these guitars can be easily customized. This potential turns each Firefly into a canvas for personal expression and technical improvement.

Where Exactly Are Firefly Guitars Produced And Made?

Firefly is an American company founded in 2005 by two friends who had a dream of making guitars. Their first product was called the Firefly I, which was released in 2006. In 2007, they launched Firefly II, which was followed by Firefly III in 2008.

In 2009, they released the Firefly IV, which was followed by a new model in 2010. In 2012, they launched the Firefly V, which was followed by another model in 2013. In 2014, they released Firefly VI, which was followed by yet another model in 2015. In 2016, they released Firefly VII, which was followed by many more models since then.

Firefly makes high-quality replicas of iconic guitars. Their products are so popular that they sell out quickly. Guitarists use different types of guitars to perform different kinds of music. Their sound quality is excellent. They are made up of good components and hardware.

A low price makes them affordable. Most importantly, they don’t fall into any big brand names, and it helps them to charge less money while making a consistent profit. Old guitars sound really harsh, while new ones sound smooth. There is a huge difference between old and new guitars. These differences are very noticeable when listening to the same song played on both types of guitar.

The Most Sought After Firefly Models

A few top brands source their materials straight from China to fully assemble in North America and Europe! The process usually happens in China for one of the firefly’s popular makes. The Firefly FF-339, and this is why it usually costs about $139. Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, it has become more difficult to secure the inventory for production.

Fireflies guitars were incredibly popular during the early 2000s. Many fans still hold onto them today. However, the production of these guitars slowed down after the 2008 financial crisis. Some fans even believe that the company ceased operations entirely. But now, some original manufacturers have returned to produce new models.

You may own a knockoff when securing your Firefly guitar, but it’s also an excellent investment. The Firefly Guitar Pick is an LED light show that syncs with your music. It lights up when you hold down the strings and stops when you let go.

It’s a uniquely personalized lighting experience unlike any other. It’s easy to use for beginners, and professionals love it because it works perfectly every time. You won’t need to press any buttons or turn any knobs.

Just pick it up and start playing! The Firefly Pick has an intelligent sensor system that detects even the quietest motion of your hand. It is the same size and shape as a standard guitar pick. It is also very thin and lightweight. It flashes with one color when you play the strings and another color when you strum.

A classic pick-up truck. It creates an LED light show of red color synchronized to your music.

Exploring the Full Range of Firefly Guitar Models

Beyond the famed FF338 and FFTH models, Firefly’s catalog boasts a diverse lineup. From the FFLP’s Les Paul-inspired design to the FFLV’s nod to vintage aesthetics, there’s something for every taste.

Even the acoustics, though less discussed, provide a warm, balanced tone suitable for both strumming and fingerstyle playing. By exploring the full range, players can find a Firefly guitar that not only suits their musical style but also complements their individuality.

Are There Any Issues With Firefly Guitars?

Are There Any Issues With Firefly Guitars

Fret spacing is not a commonly found problem on guitars. You can use a calculator or some other tool to calculate the proper spacing. Once you know how far apart the frets should be, you can then put them on the guitar. There are many ways to do this. 

On some older models, the strings sometimes ended up with very serious fretting problems. This problem was extremely rare though. So, if you’re going to buy a used guitar, be sure to check that there aren’t any frets that are loose or missing.

These guitars all have minor finish problems. Nothing serious actually, but you’ll see some parts that weren’t sanded down properly. Or parts with too much paint that dripped. All of these are mostly unnoticeable unless you’re looking closely. Some of them even have minor mistakes in the spray-painting process.

But none of this really matters because they are all still great guitars. You should definitely check them out if you haven’t already! Fretting is a process by which a guitar player removes material from the surface of the strings to create a more defined pitch. This process is used to change the sound of a guitar.

Needle files and e-strings are tools used to remove material from a guitar’s strings. A bone nut is a type of nut used on acoustic guitars. Sometimes these guitars have had issues with the High E string popping out suddenly, so be aware of this before buying.

Where Can You Purchase Firefly Guitars Today?

Fireflies are pretty lights in the night sky. You can buy them online, or you can go to an actual store and pick them up. To get one, you need to watch for deals. Some stores will sell them for less than what they cost to make.

You should buy a new Firefly guitar instead of waiting for a restocking. Since it could take 6-9 months to receive your shipment of Firefly guitars sometimes, you should get something similar from another manufacturer.

While Firefly guitars are known for their elusive availability, they can be found on various platforms if you know where to look. Amazon and Reverb are mainstays, but don’t overlook eBay for second-hand finds that could offer additional value.

For those who prefer to buy in-person, Guitar Center occasionally stocks Firefly guitars, allowing you to try before you buy.


Amazon has a huge range of products available, so their range of guitars is actually quite broad. Most of their guitars by firefly are of amazing quality, the raw natural tone resonates through the body and the sustain comes from the amplifier.

Their firefly guitars typically have two humbucker pickups, which give them a more powerful tone than other guitars. The volume and tone knobs allow you to adjust the sound to your liking. There are also separately adjustable bridges and a tailpiece, making this guitar easy to play. You get ten picks of different sizes, giving you plenty of choices when playing.


Reverb is a website that sells used guitars. They sell all kinds of musical instruments. They allow users to create free listings for their items. They have several million monthly visitors. Their revenue is around $47 million. As of 2017, it has on-the-ground support in the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and France. 

In late 2017, they launched Reverb LP, a website for selling LPs and other physical items. And the Reverb Foundation, which supports non-profits and initiatives to increase access for musicians. 

Guitars Garden

Guitars garden does sell firefly guitars exclusively on their site, but not much information is known about if they are an official firefly seller or not. You may have a larger chance at finding a firefly guitar on here compared to Amazon, though!

Great Alternatives To Firefly Guitars

Great Alternatives To Firefly Guitars

A great alternative is Epiphone guitars. These guitars are made of mahogany wood and have a semi-hollow body. It comes with a single-cutaway design and an electric guitar headstock. The neck is made of maple wood, and the fretboard is rosewood

There is also a hard shell case included. Epiphone guitars are very popular among musicians. These gibson guitars are made out of solid wood and have a semi-hollow body. They feel great right away and weigh around 12 lbs. A hard case is recommended if you plan to play this instrument.

Oscar Schmidt Hollow Body

The Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar is a fantastic model to have in your home. Oscar Schmidt was a famous American musician who played guitar and wrote songs. He released many albums and sold millions of records. He also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The Delta King OE30 CH is a perfect example of how Washburn can make a cheap guitar sound amazing. This guitar is designed by Oscar Schmidt. He uses a solid body design, and he uses a maple neck. There are two humbuckers on this guitar.

This guitar sounds awesome because it has a nice tone. Those are some special specs that yield great results. Even though this guitar follows a traditional design-wise, it differs from tradition regarding the components.

Humbuckers are a mix between hard rock and noise, but the sound is still very clean. This guitar is also packed with sustain enhancers.  The results are always awesome. Modern alternatives are so much better than those old ones. This guitar is a highly sought-after instrument because it is very rare.

It is also very expensive. As you play it, you will notice that there are many sounds coming out of it. You may even hear some music playing when you strum it!

Grote Jazz Electric Hollow Body

The GROTE Jazz Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body is a great model and sounds just fantastic to play!  This guitar has an excellent sound. It looks, feels, and sounds great! It was even tuned at 12th fret, with great action and nice frets!

No matter what kind of music, this guitar can bring you a perfect playing experience. High-quality accessories include adjustable strings, a case, and a pick. These guitars come in various colors, including red, sunburst, and natural. Customers can choose their favorite color, and new models start at $199.00.

Gretsch Streamliner 

The Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Center Block Single Barrel Stain has the loudest and brash sound of all our picks today, and we love the quality that has been put into it! The G2622 Streamliner is a guitar that is loud and brash. It is made for the player who wants more than the mundane from a guitar.

It is designed for the player who needs more performance, more style, and most importantly, more power. It is also very versatile, as it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed players. This guitar is loaded with Gretsch’s Broad’Tron humbucker pickups. These pickups are high-output pickups with great low, mid, and upper frequencies.

They are also very clear and balanced with the warm sound of the body. They are well suited for classic Country sounds as well as Rock tones. A double-cut body gives this guitar a warm, rich sound while retaining the clarity of a solid body. It allows players to crank up the volume without losing any of the tonal quality.

The neck is comfortable to play with because of the rounded shoulders. Single note runs are easy because of the thin profile.

A Wider Selection of Alternative Brands

If a Firefly guitar isn’t what you’re looking for, or if you’re seeking something a little different, brands like Ibanez, Squier, and Eart offer a range of alternatives that cater to a broad spectrum of musical styles and preferences.

The Ibanez Artcore series, for instance, provides a diverse selection of semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars that rival the quality and tone of higher-end models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Hold Of A Firefly Guitar?

To get a firefly guitar, you need to go to Amazon.com first. But you should also make sure to check out other stores because fireflies aren’t always sold in large quantities.

Why Choose A Semi-Hollow Body Guitar To Play?

Hollow body guitars are lighter than solid body guitars. These instruments move easily with you while you play them. When you use hollow-body guitars, you can create your own unique sound.

Harmonizing with the rest of the group is easy. Hollow body guitars aren’t as durable as solid-body guitars. There are many pros of semi-hollow body guitars. These include being lightweight, easy to carry around, and more comfortable to hold than solid body guitars.

However, there are some cons to this type of guitar as well. For example, the notes may sound thin and out of pitch, especially when played without a preamp. Semi-Hollow Body Guitars offer a different feel than solid bodies. You may want to consider using an amplifier with more gain to make up for the lack of sustain.

You have better control over the sound when using this design. Semi-hollow body guitars are cheaper than other guitar designs.

Are Firefly Guitars Good?

Yes, Firefly guitars are good. Despite the low price tag compared to major competitors, Firefly guitars are great instruments to invest in. They are ideal for a student or a beginner looking for a good guitar on a budget. 

Where Are Firefly Guitars Made?

Firefly guitars are manufactured in China. There is little to no information about the exact factory that manufactures the guitars. However, it is known that the factory manufactures Firefly guitars in lower quantities. This helps meet the dwindling demand while maintaining Firefly’s quality. 

Final Thoughts

The value of Firefly guitars extends beyond their price point. They represent a bridge between affordability and quality, between beginner-friendly instruments and modder’s platforms.

Whether you’re strumming your first chord or customizing your tenth guitar, Firefly offers a range of options that deserve consideration. And as the guitar community continues to evolve, these guitars stand as a testament to the accessibility and joy of making music.

Fireflies are inexpensive guitars that people love. People complain about them often, but they’re still great values for money. Fireflies are putting superb guitars into the hands of beginners.

At a steal of a price, it’s hard to compete with the sheer value for your money. Regardless of your feelings on cloning guitars, Fireflies put out great guitars.

Firefly Guitars is an awesome investment. You’ll be happy if you buy one. People who want to buy one should try to find one online before buying it.

These guitars are really hard to find at retail stores. A Firefly guitar is a great choice if you’re looking to learn how to play the guitar.

They come with patience because it takes time to master. Start playing today.

Electric guitars have become increasingly popular over the years. With the rise of electric guitars, comes the increase in popularity of beginner electric guitar lessons.

If you’re just starting out learning how to play the guitar, then you may not know where to begin when it comes to choosing which instrument will suit you best. 

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